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Hill Plastics, Inc. has a skilled fabrication department that fabricates acrylic point-of-purchase displays, industrial parts, and secondary trim operations for thermoformed parts. Thermoformed and fabricated parts are trimmed using routing machinery, punch presses, and table and panel saws.

Fabrication Available

Precision Trimming

Precision Drilling


Fastener Installation

Heat Bending


Edge Finishing

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Fabricated parts are used in:



Machine Guards

Custom Parts

Advantages of Plastic Fabricated Parts

Plastic fabrication offers several benefits to your manufacturing processes. Depending on the type of plastic, it offers high malleability, ensures faster production and turnover rates, and provides resistance to damage.

Plastic parts that can be fabricated avoid most tooling charges.

Parts are CNC trimmed to drawing specifications, and various operations are applied as needed, such as heat bending, bonding, riveting, threaded inserts, etc.